Hi folks :0)

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us through our journey.

Well, the journey (at least the physical journey) is over and we have had time to reflect and absorb.
The first day in Santiago was spent in wonderful, awed confusion.
Camino friends, both new and old were hugged and congratulated in the cathedral square. Here, each day, the world meets and countries embrace and laugh together.
Borders do not exist and religions embrace with the full joy and glory of their God.
No words were needed and huge smiles told the story better than any language; “We did it!!!”
For weeks now we have all been brothers and sisters with a common goal and a beautiful connection that we all hope, deep inside, we will never loose and may feel again.
The ‘real world’ can never take that away from us, no matter where we go from here or which part of the world we call home.
The gift we must embrace now, is to remember. When we look at the news and they try to convince us that the world is a dangerous place and we should all fear each other, we need to remember the Muslim man and Jewish woman offering each other a huge, smiling “Buen Camino.” The Christian and the atheist discussing God over a well earned cold beer at the end of a long day on the sun blistered road.
The little, exhausted French lady who found new strength in the sight of two kilted Scots.
Here is the truth of humanity!
Not the Governments or the powers that be, but the common people with love in their hearts and joy in their souls.
It really is possible to celebrate our differences as well as our commonality and embrace the unavoidable fact that we really ARE one big family!
Standing in the cathedral square in the pouring rain today, we saw new arrivals repeating the same ritual of thanks and joy that we went through in our own final steps only 2 days before.
Today, someone leaves St. Jean on the beginning of their own Camino, and so the circle of joy, sharing and sore feet continues :0)

Buen Camino



End of The World


Spanish pipers


We finally arrived in Santiago.
To much going on Inside to write just now, so I’m going to give you some photographs.
Will update when it has all sank in :0)

Buen Camino











Paliais de Rei-Arca

Palas de Rei-Arzua

About 30 Km today, and very tiring.

My body is definitely ready for the end times and some chilling in Santiago.
Funny , how everything is coming to it’s natural conclusion :0)
A day of blustery rain and countryside reminiscent of the Scottish lowlands.
I must admit, today mostly consisted of me daydreaming of a little historic hotel, in Santiago, and a loooooooooooonnnnnngggggggg hot bath!
Then, when we reached Arzua, we were sitting in a wee cafe next to the Albergue and an elderly Canadian gentleman came over to our table and asked if we were going to Santiago and gave us the address of an old historic hotel 500 meters from the cathedral :0 D
We are, as we speak, booked in there for a couple of days and ready to rock!
Truly, we are be-loved of the Gods!



Another day of walking through oak lined country lanes in intermittent heavy rain, and beautiful sunshine.
The weather here really can turn that fast. One minute your getting ready to build an arc, the next your putting on sunblock :0)
The body is pleasantly exhausted and ready to be done, and these last days have been very much an inner journey, observing all that has happened over the last 5 weeks.
Many insights have become known and perhaps a little wisdom learned.
The trick now, is to try to hang onto the lessons and not let them disappear again once we re-enter the ‘real’ world.
Tomorrow we enter Santiago!
Many emotions pass through my soul at the thought. I suspect though, it will be a bit surreal and will probably take a couple of days to sink in.

Buen Camino :0)









Portomarin-Palas de Rei


Another nice pastoral day with low clouds and cold winds. Even a wee smattering of rain :0)
There are so many people on the Camino now that you can’t help chatting and hearing their stories. From the wee German girl who shall reach Santiago on her 22nd birthday to the Irish family who are doing the 100 km Camino together. Mothers, fathers and grown kids.
The German lady who just lost her elderly mother and has taken a year sabbatical from ‘normal life’ to cope with her loss to the little Malaysian girl who had never heard of Kilts.
Everyone has a story, and each and every one of these stories is precious.
We really ARE one big family if only we would allow ourself to be one.
I find this journey really has given me hope for the human race despite the greed and selfishness of the corporations that try so desperately to turn us all into little consumer drones.
I think as long as we still have things like the Camino we REALLY DO still have a chance :0)
I think my body knows we are getting near the end, as I can feel a bone deep weariness starting to set in and the thought of a couple of days in Finesterre (The end of the world) to allow the whole adventure to sink in, is a constant joy to my mind, even as I treasure each step that is still to come on this wonderful adventure of adventures.
3 days to go!

Buen Camino










What a beautiful day’s walk through the most glorious countryside :0)
Last night, we found the most wonderful Albergue, run by the loveliest lady and her teenage daughter. They couldn’t have made us more welcome if we had been family.
And just to put a crown on a wonderful day, we got to share our 4 bed room with an elderly French couple we have been meeting since the first week that we call Mr and Mrs TreBon, for they know no English and we know no French, but that is the one phrase we call when we see each other and it seems to work!
Truly we are all friends who have just not met yet :0)
We spent a day wandering through pastoral fields and beautiful oak lined country lanes. We are definitely amidst the 100km pilgrims in their new, shiny gear and tourist outlook, but we are all children of the Camino and the day was what we all made it.
On arriving at Portomarin, we met up with a great French guy we keep bumping into and had the most beautiful wonderful conversation about French history and Triumph Spitfire cars :0D
It never ceases to amaze me, the amazing and wonderfully friendly people we meet from around the world.
Hilariously enough, we had barely reached the Albergue when these 3 wee girls from different countries insisted that we have our photo taken with them.
So, we’re well fed and have four days to Sandiago and the official finish of our 500 mile treck, WOOHOO!
As I write this, we are sitting sunning ourselves looking over a beautiful Spanish lake.
Life is hell, but we’re here to take one for the team :0D

Buen Camino











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